Monday, January 27, 2014

Things We Should Say More Often...

For our Gratitude Journals this past Friday, we watched a video by Kid President.

I loooooove this kid! He is so cute and funny. AND...he says things that need saying.

Wish more of us would follow his advice.

Anywho, we watched this video...

And then we had to think of things we could say more often. The teacher next door did the same thing but had her class write about one thing that they think should be said more often. One of my previous students is in her class and wrote this:

I love, love, love the way 7 year olds can just put it all into perspective. We do need to tell people this sometimes but we never want to hurt any one's feelings. 

The truth of it is...people need to take breaks from each other. Friends from friends. Parents from kids. Wives from husbands. 

Knowing when you need to take a break and refuel yourself is such an important skill. I worked with her last year on this same skill. We learned to "take a vacation" from friends every once in awhile if you are getting on each other's nerves. Because just like you don't stop being friends when one of you goes jetting off to Hawaii, you don't stop being friends when you take a mini-vacation from each other at school.

She has learned to take care of herself and let people know what she needs. And, sometimes, what she needs is a break. I am so proud of her for finding the 1,000,000 pounds of courage it takes to say it!

So, what do you need to find 1,000,000 pounds of courage to say?


Ms. Hughes

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