Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pinned it...Now do it!!!!

This is my new motto for all of the recipes that are on my pinterest recipe board. 

I have pinned A LOT of recipes over the past months. Lots of main courses but also lots and lots of deserts. I'm not sure why I pin so many them...I don't even eat desert regularly! And I don't eat gluten! They just look so gosh darn good,  I guess!

Anywho, I have decided that I am going to try to make one recipe per week this year. It will hardly put a dent in the number I have pinned but at least I will know if I like the way they taste or just the way they look on pinterest!!!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I don't really like to cook. It doesn't help that I literally have a 14"x 20" amount of counter space to cook on in my very, very tiny kitchen at home. The space is the size of a cutting board. (I'll have to take a picture one day to show you just how small my kitchen really is!)

But, now that I am at my mother's house half the time, I have a large kitchen at my disposal with a gas oven. Yay! 

So, the plan is to cook at least one thing from my "Recipes to Try" Pinterest board each week. I am here for dinner most nights (even the nights I don't sleep here) and have Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings to cook as well. 

I should be able to do this, right?


(Just keep saying that and I might eventually believe you!!!!)

So, this past Sunday was recipe testing session #1 from the board. I decided to try something that would be useful this first week back to school.
Portable Western Omelettes by thehealthyfoodie #Omelette #Western

I pinned this awhile ago because it looked so good! It is from the Healthy Foodie and is called Portable Western Omelets. The recipe comes from a cookbook I have never heard of but that sounds interesting called Primal Cravings.

I changed some of the ingredients so I could use what I had on hand. Instead of ham or prosciutto, I used bacon. And I didn't have spinach so used eggs, mushrooms, scallions, green pepper and parsley. They turned out like this:

And I am happy to announce that they are also very, very tasty! I individually wrapped and froze the omelets and have been taking them to school. They microwave up perfectly and are very yummy! And they fill me up until recess. 

I am calling this first effort a huge success!!!!

Now, what to make this coming Sunday?!?! Hmmm...

Stay tuned...

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