Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The BIG List

Don't you hate when you see a great idea and don't pin it right away?

I do!

Somewhere out there in cyberland I saw this neat idea of making a list (The BIG List) to figure out all the things that you want to get done, achieve etc.

Not so much a goal list but a working "To Do..." list of sorts. Wish I could figure out which blog it was on. Aaargh!!!! Anywho, the person who did it then had a second place where she wrote in weekly goals (based on the BIG list) to get some of these things done. 

And...since I always have projects that are either on the go or that I want to do...I figured, why not?

Clearly, creating a pinterest board for my list of "to do's" hasn't worked out very well! And, seeing as how I really like making lists, I thought I'd give it a try. 

So, this is the list so far....I keep adding more to it as I think of things and have already crossed off one item! Go me!!!!

The BIG list is a work in progress that will (hopefully!) help me get all the odd jobs done at both our house and my mother's house in the coming year.

It also includes things that aren't really "to do" but are more lifestyle choices. Like exercising regularly and drinking more water. 

So far, I haven't added much in the way of work items. If I did that, the list would be WAY, WAY, WAY too big!!!! Maybe I should make another one called "The Never Ending Work List"!!!!!

Are you a list maker? I love to make them...just rarely manage to follow through with them!!!! Still there is something highly satisfying about crossing items off of a list, isn't there?

So, now I can cross of the "write post about BIG list" on my list!!!!!


Ms. Hughes

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