Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gratitude 101

Okay, so many of you know that my school is part of a Gratitude Project.

As part of the project we have been writing our gratitudes (you know for things/people/places/etc) on ribbons and then tying them to the fence at the front of the school (I'll get a pic this week. Pinky promise!) It is looking pretty colourful and makes my heart full to see so much gratitude in our community.

We even made it on the news! Seems like every time I turn around Global news is at our school filming something!!!! Ha ha ha!!! Here's the link!

So there have been lots of big things happening around gratitude so far this school year. I love it. I am one of the teachers involved with the project directly and am so thrilled to be doing something about our school's emotional well-being. IMHO, emotional health is as important (if not more important) to academic ability when it comes to learning. Let's face it, happy children learn better!!!!

In our class we are trying to bring gratitude into our weekly (and, eventually, daily!) routines. Last year we did Friday Journals where we wrote to our parents letting them know what we did at school all week. This year we are doing something different.

We are doing Gratitude Journals. 

I am loving this because I can finally justify all the time spent on Youtube looking at videos! (Yay! They aren't just wasted hours! They are hours of research!) I try to find a video to show each Friday that gives the class insight into being grateful or practicing gratitude. 

Anywho, this was the one I showed on Friday. I love it! The kids made some amazing connections after watching this. I wanted to just hug them all and tell them how grateful I am to be their teacher. Hmmm...come to think of it, I think I did that!

Feeling grateful that there are people out there that check in on me and this little ol' blog. Thank you!

Ms. Hughes

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