Monday, October 21, 2013

Keep an Eagle Eye!!!

Our school secretary came in just after recess today and brought us this amazing, sparkly package. What could it be?

It was a package from a reading friend! His name is Eagle Eye. He came to our class and brought us some goodies to help us use our own eagle eyes in our reading!

This is the one of the strategies the students will learn this year to help them beome better readers. 

Eagle Eye is a very important strategy.

Especially for beginning readers because he is all about paying attention when reading and using everything on the page to read words accurately.

For beginning readers, he reminds them to look carefully at the pictures if they get stuck on a word because sometimes (almost always in early readers series books) the pictures will give a clue to the word. 

For the more advanced readers, he reminds them to read carefully and look with their "Eagle Eyes" to ensure accuracy when reading.

To that end, Eagle Eye brought us some tools to use to be better readers. He brought everyone their own "eagle eye" to use when reading. This serves as a visual reminder for students.

He also brought us some magic "reading" glasses. When wearing these glasses readers are able to pay attention to all the details. The glasses are magic!!! (BTW, if you have old glasses or sunglasses you want to get rid of, we'll take them!)

And, last but not least, he brought us some reading wands. See them in the picture above? These glitter wands help students to track their reading and look carefully at each word. These should be a huge hit. Glitter makes everything better, don't you think?

Happy Reading!

Ms. Hughes

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